About Mystic Country

In 1998, representatives from the Board of Directors of the Eastern Regional Tourism District and Mystic Coast & Country – a private-sector tourism destination marketing organization (DMO) – began a collaborative effort with major attractions in the region to establish a common brand for the region.

Originally the common destination brand was called Mystic Places, but in 2003 the State of Connecticut revamped its tourism funding ad operations, resulting in renaming the state-funded region as Mystic Country.

The name “Mystic” was chosen because of the national and international recognition of the name, which has been amplified due to pop culture phenomenon such as movies. We realize that everyone is technically not Mystic, but use its name due to the marketing power behind it.

The Mystic Country name and logo is a registered trademark/service mark of the Eastern Regional Tourism District. To learn more about the Eastern Regional Tourism District, click here. To download copies of the logo for use in marketing materials, click here.